September 22nd !!!

Duo Sigova/Lasine, Guido Paevatalu

Copenhagen, Denmark

“Beethoven and stories"

As regular participants of the yearly Equinox Chamber Music Festival, Anton and Julia will take part in this exiting crossover project. Together with the audience Duo will explore the power of storytelling! On the program - L.v.Beethoven "Kreutzer Sonata", mixed with text of Leo Tolstoy's novel of the same name! Narrator - Guido Paevatalu, a renowned baritone of the Royal Danish Theater.

Venue - Unitarernes Hus, Dag Hammarskjælds Alle 30, Copenhagen Ø.


Watch us on: https://www.equinoxchambermusic.com/beethovenogfortaellinger

April 03, 18:00    -    EVENT CANCELLED !!!

Duo Sigova/Lasine, Guido Paevatalu - baritone

Degeberga, Sweden

“Russian evening with two viruosos"

At the Drakamöllan Gårdshotell, Anton and Julia invites guests to an all-Russian evening, with the view of Russian music from past and present! There will be served a meal of Russian couisine, "signed" by the renowned baritone Guido Paevatalu (who is also a skilled chef)! On the music menu - Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev and more.

Venue - Drakamöllan Gårdshotell, DrakamöllansVäg 105, Degeberga.



January 17, 18:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine, Ekaterina Platonova - mezzo-soprano

Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia

“Russia - Scandinavia"

After a big success two years ago Julia Sigova and Anton Lasine returning to Concert Hall of the University of Nizhnij Novgorod with the new and exiting program! Together with the good friend and colleague, Ekaterina Platonova, they will present a charming variety of Russian and Scandinavian miniatures, vocal and instrumental, in a broad spectrum from classic to contemporary! The audience will hear a music from Tchaikovsky, Tor Aulin, Nikolaj Medtner, Christian Sinding, Valery Gavrilin and many more.

Venue - Concert Hall of the University, Bolshaja Pokrovskaja str. 37, Nizhnij Novgorod.



December 6, 19:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Staffanstorp, Sweden

“Joyeux Noel - God Jul!"

Julia Sigova and Anton Lasine returning to Staffanstorp Konsthall with the new concert in anticipation of Christmas! A warm and sentimental evening, filled with French and Scandinavian music! On the Christmas menu - Debussy, Henriques, Saint-Saens, Stenhammar and Poulenc.

Venue - Kultur Staffanstorp, Blekingevägen 1, 24580 Staffanstorp.

November 22, 19:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Helsingborg, Sweden

“Musik på Råå"

As a conclusion of the concert series "Music at Råå", Duo Sigova/Lasine will present the music of Poulenc and Stenhammar, their major sonatas for violin and piano! A variety of miniatures by F.Kreisler and Fini Henriques, a new-romantic composer from Denmark, will be performed as well.

Venue - Allhelgonakyrkan, Rååvägen 99, Råå.

In collaboration with Musik på Råå and Raus Församling .

August 25, 18:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Borlunda, Sweden

“French temptations"

Anton and Julia will stand for entertainment in Borlunda Church! A very popular and stirring program - "French temptations" (with the "spanish twist"!) - consists of music by E.Granados, F.Poulenc and M.Ravel.

Venue - Borlunda Kyrka, 24193 Eslöv.

In collaboration with Svenska Kyrkan Eslöv.

July 4, 19:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine & Ekaterina Platonova

Stora Råby, Sweden

“Musical idyll"

Duo Sigova/Lasine is very happy to invite a close friend and a long time musical companion Ekaterina Platonova to participate in the exiting and beautiful project! Ekaterina, travels all the way from Nizhnij Novgorod State Opera, will perform together with Anton & Julia masterpieces of Nordic and Russian composers such as Jean Sibelius, Pjotr Tchaikovskij, Tor Aulin and Sergey Rachmaninov.

Venue - Stora Råby Kyrka, Stora Råby Byaväg 7.


May 29, 19:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Minsk, Belarus

“Scandinavian Music Evening"

Duo Sigova/Lasine is proud to present their new program: "Scandinavian Music Evening" - a tribute to renowned composers from Nordic countries and their creations! Anton & Julia will perform music of Fini Henriques (Denmark), Wilhelm Stenhammar and Tor Aulin (Sweden) and Edvard Grieg (Norway).

Venue - Concert Hall "Verni Gorod", Svoboda square, 23a, Minsk.

April 01, 20:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Copenhagen, Denmark

“Franske fristelser” - "French temptations"

As regular participants of the yearly Equinox Chamber Music Festival Duo will take part in a recital of french music. Duo will perform sonatas of Poulenc and Ravel, but Anton and Julia will also add an unexpected Spanish twist to a program!

Venue - Metronomen, Godthåbsvej 33, 2200 Frederiksberg




March 22, 19:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Staffanstorp, Sweden

After the big succes last year, Duo will return with the new exiting project - "Musikaliska Akvareller". In the program - music of Beethoven, Bernstein, Tor Aulin and Ravel!

Venue - Staffanstorps Konsthallen, Blekingevägen 1, 245 80 Staffanstorp



December 2, 15:00

Fredensborg, Denmark

Anton will participate at "Christmas Concert with Operette Kompagniet" at Fredensborg Gl.Bio.

Venue - Fredensborg Gl.Bio, Jernbanegade 4, Fredensborg


November 17, 17:00

Degeberga, Sweden

Julia will participate in concert program for Trombone and Piano together with Regimantas Stankus in Maglehems Church

Venue - Maglehems Kyrka, Maglevägen 8, 297 95 Degeberga

November 4, 18:00

Jönköping, Sweden

Anton will be leading Jönköpings Sinfonietta as a 1-st Concertmaster with the world premiere of the "John Bauer-svit" by Jonas Valfridsson.

Venue - Kulturhuset Spira, Kulturgatan 3, 553 24 Jönköping


November, 1-2

Bergamo, Italy

Julia will be recording her solo-CD for Classico Dal Vivo


October, 15-16

Malmö, Sweden

Julia and Anton will be recording the second half of their CD "The Pearls from the Northern Seas" (working title).

September 30, 17:00

Copenhagen, Denmark

Anton will participate at the premiere of "Die Fledermaus" by Operette Kompagniet at the Theatre Museum, Hofteater.

Venue - Teater Museet på Hofteater, Christiansborg Ridebane 18, 1218 København K


September 3, 13:00

Julia will perform at her solo-recital at Lunchtime Concerts St.Martins-in-the-Fields.

Venue - St.Martins-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London

August 30, 12:10

Malmö, Sweden

Julia will perform at her solo-recital at St.Johannes Church.

Venue - S:t Johannes Kyrka, Rådmansgatan 20, Malmö

July 10, 19:00

Hudiksvall, Sweden

Julia will participate at Festival Musik vid Dellen with her solo-recital.

Venue - Norrbo Kyrka, Söderblomsvägen 11, 820 62 Bjuråker

June 25-27

Copenhagen, Denmark

Julia and Anton are very exited to start recording their first CD "The Pearls from the Northern Seas" (working title)

March 28, 20:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Copenhagen, Denmark

As a part of Equinox Chamber Music Festival, Duo Sigova/Lasine will play a evening recital. The program will include works of Beethoven, Bernstein and Franck.

Venue - Koncertkirken: Blågårds Plads 6, 2200 Copenhagen N.



October 27, 18:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia

Duo will participate in concert/creative project together with Alexey Koshelev (barython) and Ekaterina Platonova (mezzo-soprano).

Venue  - Old Concert Hall of the University of Nizhnij Novgorod


October 15, 12:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Copenhagen, Denmark

Duo Sigova/Lasine will paricipate in Chamber Music Concert at the Royal Danish Theatre.

Together with Kim Bak Dinitzen duo will perform Piano Trio No.1 in D-minor by Felix Mendelssohn.

Venue - Takkelloftets Foyer, Operaen, København

April 9, 12:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Copenhagen, Denmark

Duo Sigova/Lasine will participate in Chamber Music Marathon together with other musicians from the Royal Danish Orchestra. Ensemble will perform E.Grieg Violin Sonata No.1 in F-dur.

Venue - Takkelloftets Foyer, Operaen, København


March 18, kl.18:00

Duo Sigova/Lasine

Staffanstorp, Sweden

On this Sonata-evening Anton & Julia will present a variety of music from different eras and places. In the program - sonatas of F.Schubert, E.Grieg and S.Prokofiev.

Venue - Staffanstorps Konsthallen, Blekingevägen 1, 245 80 Staffanstorp

Link to event